Meet The Owners


 Lava Salon was started in 2006 by Geoff and Noel Richardson. They love what they do and hope that their #LavaLuv shows every time you walk through the door of their salons.  

"Our team is a hard-working tribe of stylists comprised of a blend of diverse backgrounds and skills. We are committed to quality results through year long continuing education and creating an inclusive environment of community and equality for all."

More about Noel

Noel grew up in Mobile, AL.  After a long illustrious career as a temp, she finally decided to try her hand as a cosmetologist.  She attended & trained at Aveda Share Institute in Mandeville, LA.  Upon becoming licensed & looking for a fresh start, she blindly picked a spot on the map, letting fate choose her destiny, Charleston, SC. 

She has cut hair since 2000.  

More about Geoff

Geoff has lived most of his life in Charleston, SC. He graduated from USC in 1995 and started a career in Advertising in Atlanta, GA. In 2000, he returned to Charleston as a Business Development Manager for his father’s company. In 2001 he met Noel – who eventually helped him realize his purpose & entrepreneurial dreams.  

He has cut hair since 2004.

The Origin of Lava Salon

Once Upon a Name...


 The name Lava Salon came in 2004 from a word game on a long road trip.  Geoff had just entered Cosmetology school, and he and Noel were dreaming about their future salon.  Geoff mentioned the French word “laver” – meaning ”to wash” – but they both felt it sounded too frou-frou.  Noel then suggested “lava” and the name just stuck with them. 

The Logo Design


 Eventually, the logo was designed to resemble the lava in a lava lamp – the ultimate icon in nostalgia – which also doubles nicely as a sort of pop culture equivalent to the red & white swirling barber pole, mysteriously beckoning further investigation to all those who recognize it. 

Feeling #LavaLuv


To this day, the lava in the lamp is recognized for its mysterious, yet simple, elegant fluidity. In fact, nothing today oozes with the same emotional impact.  

"There is nothing more enjoyable than watching that seemingly “molten lava” constantly forming and changing into new “hot” shapes – just like hair styles." - Geoff Richardson

2019 Best of Charleston Video

Check out this video we made with a bunch of our salon guests who were all nominated for the Charleston City Paper's Best of Awards.  (We won!