Checking In

What to expect when arriving:

Guests will be served by appointment only.  The number of guests on premises will be limited to 1 guest per service provider.  One parent may be allowed with a child under 10 - assuming they maintain proper social distancing and within whatever current SC Board guidelines. 

Guests will be greeted at the back entrance of both salons.  When checking in, if the salon is at capacity, guests will be invited to leave their phone # and wait in the reception tent or their vehicle, until they receive a text or phone call when they can enter the premises.

Guest will be expected to wash their hands in warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds every time upon entering the salon or after bathroom breaks and encouraged to use hand sanitizer during the checkout process.  

We are asking all guests to leave anything that can't be kept on your person (in your pockets) or that would require setting down in the salon - including but not limited to items such as purses, extra clothing, personal drinks, large wallets, sunglasses, etc.

Stations will be at least six feet apart and social distancing will be requested at all times.


Checking out

How to have a touchless transaction...

The safest, quickest and most effective way to have a TOUCHLESS checkout process, is if you pay for the cost of your services, retail and gratuity in advance.  

This can be accomplished by buying yourself a guest certificate at any dollar amount on our website OR while booking.  Guests can also call ahead and allow us to add a credit to your account.  

We will accept cash and checks for payment (and gratuities) but we are asking that you bring enough "change" in bills (if possible) to minimize the exchange of money between hands.  

As an added safety precaution, we will have the option to use envelopes to transfer cash or checks between the guest, stylist and salon.