How will booking be prioritized?

(i.e. how to fit 8 weeks of guests into 3 weeks time)

While every stylist will be responsible for reaching out to their guests and getting them back on the books, it's going to be complicated and messy and will take some time to sort everything out. 

With added requirements of sanitation, PPE and social distancing, our available time will be further reduced and the need for us to be as efficient as possible will be at a premium.  We will all try to prioritize everyone as best as possible starting with these guidelines below.    

  1. Existing Guests who lost their original appointment
  2. Existing Guests who lost existing appointments due to newly updated schedule changes
  3. Existing Guests willing to come as family or accept express service options
  4. Existing Guests of the salon
  5. Existing Guests requiring color correction/extensive services
  6. New Guest appointment requests


Will there be Cost increases?

Will I pay more because of COVID19?

Lava Salon has no plans to charge any add-on COVID fees or raise any specific service prices for the first 2 months. Lava is doing everything they can to monitor and mitigate all new overhead costs and will reevaluate once we have a better sense of the overall impact.  

BUT! That doesn't mean that your hair requirements have not drastically changed during Quarantine and because of it, you may need an extra bowl of color, or a treatment for your damaged ends, or some extra reparative retail to take home.  

Lava Salon is committed to full transparency when it comes to discussing any increase in pricing based on the individual needs of each guest.    



Until such time that restrictions are loosened, we will not be offering facial waxing services or smoothing treatments.  We do know a few professionals in the aesthetics business we can recommend who are currently more equipped to handle this majorly "high contact" service.

As for smoothing treatments, we know that the vapor that can be created from finishing certain smoothing treatments with hot irons (although not unsafe) can still irritate the eyes and lungs of certain people and so we are looking for times when we can offer these treatments in a more private environment (off hours).